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Lose Weight in a Healthy Way


lose weight in a healthy wayIn our world that is increasingly concerned about body image, we find more and more women dieting to lose weight. In fact, in the USA at any given time, up to 50% of the female population is on a diet of some sort. The thing that many aren’t aware of however, is that the tactics we use to diet may actually be the real culprit behind why we’re actually gaining weight instead. Truth be told, the best way to lose weight is not to even focus on losing it. When we focus solely on losing weight we cut things from our diets and engage in habits that are actually not beneficial to our cause in the long run. The best way is to lose weight in a healthy way with a very well balanced diet of all food groups.

The two main causes of why women gain weight are our metabolism and hormones. First, addressing metabolism. The better metabolism you have, the more energy your body processes and uses up, and the less fat you store. Everybody’s metabolism naturally decreases as they age. A big reason a women’s fluctuates so much more than a man’s is often because of uncontrollable factors such as pregnancy and menopause. However, perhaps even more important are the factors we can control that directly affect our metabolism such as dieting and lifestyle habits. The key is to learn how to control these so we can lose weight in a healthy way. As mentioned above, when we diet we often make some big mistakes, including cutting things out of our diets that we actually need. One of these essentials is fiber. Popular low carb diets have actually caused fiber deficiencies within women. The reason this is counterintuitive to our purpose is because we actually need fiber to lose and maintain weight. Fiber promotes bowel health for better digestion/metabolism and also makes us feel full so we don’t overeat.

Another dieting no-no we should be aware of is cutting out fatty acids. Contrary to popular belief, not all fat is bad. Fatty acids can actually help maintain metabolism and curb unhealthy food cravings. With that said, just sticking to “low fat” foods isn’t a solution for weight loss either. Low fat foods actually contain the same amount of calories as normal food. So justifying unhealthy eating choices/habits with the “low fat” label is not productive to losing weight at all. The only way to really lose weight is maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Just cutting things out is not a solution, and most times, very counterproductive. Women who don’t eat enough actually end up gaining more weight because without enough food, their metabolism slows down and the body goes into starvation mode where it starts store fat to get through.

The next reason behind weight gain are hormone imbalances that can be a direct result of lifestyle choices/habits. Women gain weight because of extra estrogen that leads to the formation of fat tissues. Progesterone, another hormone, can actually counter estrogen and prevent this from happening, but as we get older, we find ourselves engaging in lifestyle choices that decreases progesterone and increases estrogen. A prime example of this is stress and lack of sleep. Stress causes the body to go into crisis mode and store fat, while lack of sleep causes our bodies to slow down so we can’t break it down. Double whammy. Even with sufficient sleep, women naturally have higher anxiety and therefore should also develop coping mechanisms for a more relaxed lifestyle in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

With that said, what about birth control? As most are probably aware, the combination pill combines estrogen and progesterone to prevent egg fertilization and pregnancy. Shouldn’t that lead to weight gain? No. According to Web MD, previously they did, but not today. What this means is that when the pill was first invented, high doses of both hormones led to increased appetite and water retention–weight gain. Today though, birth control pills have much lower amounts of hormones. Meaning that there is no long term effect on weight. Some pills though still may cause temporary weight gain for the first 3 months. Therefore before starting on any birth control pill, its still best to speak with your doctor about all the brand options and side effects of each.

Other birth control methods, especially hormonal IUDs are also known to not cause weight gain because of the same reasons. Except for Nuvaring and possibly patches with higher doses of estrogen, there should be no fear of the hormonal effects of birth control on weight. If you’re scared of gaining weight, invest in methods that avoid it. Never use it as an excuse to not engage in safe sex practices.

No matter how you choose to live your life, always live it consciously with health in mind. The best dieting tips teach us to lose weight in a healthy way. Losing weight should never take priority over health, and this includes contraception. Contraceptive methods can often be a part of healthy lifestyle choices. Invest in safe birth control methods to protect yourself at Buy Birth Control. Regardless, nothing can substitute safety, a well balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices.

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