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Saving money on birth control


save money on birth controlThere’s a reason why most of us head online to buy the things we need. It’s called better pricing. It’s called saving money.

With a little bit of planning to allow for delivery times you can literally save a fortune on all your essentials : everything from supermarket shopping, clothes gadgets prescription medication and yes, you’ve guessed it, birth control.

There are numerous case studies to prove that buying online saves money. You don’t need to look very far though to find the facts for yourself. A little bit of personal research is all you need to see that also buying birth control online can literally save you $1,000’s a year too.

There is a huge difference between online and local prices across all methods of birth control. There’s also a huge difference between the prices on different online pharmacies.

Here are a few case studies of our own.

Let’s take Cindy as an example. Cindy is married with children and knows that she does not want to have any more children, at least not in the next 4 years. After doing some research Cindy decided that she wanted to stop taking birth control pills as with her busy lifestyle she was making mistakes and was worried about falling pregnant again. She wanted to switch to the Mirena IUD but her health insurance would not cover the cost and to pay for it out of her own pocket would cost her more than $800. While that only works out as around $13 a month if she kept it in for the full 5 years it was still a huge amount to pay upfront. Cindy went online to do some research and found a few Canadian pharmacies selling it for cheaper, then she started looking at more specific buying birth control sites and found Mirena for only $250. Just from a little shopping around online she managed to save herself $550. After discussing it with her Doctor she used her prescription to buy Mirena online for $250 including shipping. After it arrived in the post she took it to her Doctor who fitted it.

Natalie also wanted a change from birth control pills, she wanted to try out the Nuvaring. At only $119 a month, Nuvaring only costs around $20 a month more than most birth control pills do. It’s not hugely more expensive but Natalie was convinced she could buy it online for cheaper. She was right. She found branded Nuvaring on for only $22. Not only did she save money on what she might have paid for Nuvaring locally, she’s actually paying far less than what she was already paying out for birth control each month.

These are two examples of IUD and vaginal ring prices. Regular birth control pills can also be found online at at crazy low prices. Buying birth control online isn’t only for people without insurance though; some online prices can even beat the insurance copay.

Yaz and Yazmin birth control pills can cost upwards of $102 a month. On Yaz costs $69 and Yasmin costs $59 and these prices include shipping so there are no extra fees.

Check out this birth control price comparison chart for more comparisons. You can also head over to to see how much they would cost locally to you. has a free shipping policy so the price you see on screen is the price you pay.

You can also head over to our search tool on the homepage to find out if we dispense your birth control and how much it costs.


* prices were correct at date of publication, 22nd March 2015.

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