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birth control compliance

Tips for birth control compliance!


birth control compliance5 tips for remembering your birth control (aka, birth control compliance)!

When it comes to family planning nothing is more important than birth control compliance. Getting a prescription for birth control but not taking it according to instructions means that you are not protecting yourself properly. Most women take birth control so they have peace of mind knowing that they will not have an unplanned pregnancy. Best to make the most of it and have 99% certainty!

Faulting on your birth control plan will happen to everyone at one time or another, we are human after all. The least this happens the better. That’s why it’s so important to work out a way to aid your birth control compliance.

These 5 simple tips for birth control compliance will help you stick to your birth control plan.

Routine, routine, routine : The best way to remember to take your birth control is to keep to the same routine day after day. This is especially important when taking birth control pills. These pills have to be taken daily, ideally around the same time each day (It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the morning or the afternoon). Include the birth control as part of your morning or evening routine. You brush your teeth every morning right? Why not include the birth control in your face washing and brushing teeth routine? If you’re religious about having an evening cup of tea then why not take your pill along with your tea? Do you take other medications? Why not take your birth control at the same time?

Work out what part of your day is steadfast in its routine and take your birth control then. Remember to check if your birth control tablet like YAz or Yasmin have any known interactions with other medications. Typically you should space your Pill away from antibiotics and you should always ask your pharmacist and doctor about possible interactions that may diminish the effect of your birth control pill.

Seeing is remembering : Sometimes all it takes is a visual reminder. Putting your birth control pills or patches next to your bed, by your sink, in the kitchen next to the kettle or by the front door can jolt you into remembering. If you want to be more discreet around the house or are worried about little hands getting on the medication then choose an image or object that will help you remember – even a post-it note on the mirror “have your taken your BC?” can be helpful.

Cups of water : If you take the birth control pill then leave the pill packet next to a cup of water by your bed so there’s no excuse not to take the pill right there and then, as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Set an alarm : Set yourself a daily alarm using your phone, just like you do for waking up. If you set it for 15 minutes after your wake-up alarm and allocate it a specific alarm tone it will prompt you to take your birth control. If you use the patch or ring then you can do the same thing, just on a weekly basis.

Also, if you have stayed out for the night and do not have your birth control on you then set an alarm on your phone for later in the day, when you will be home. Use the same “remember birth control” alarm tone or name the alarm alert “birth control reminder”. This will help you identify that it’s the reminder for birth control. When it goes off you’ll know to take the dose you missed in the morning.

Use an app : There are many medication compliance apps out there : Decide on a good time that is convenient for you to take your birth control and then log it into one of these apps. They will notify and prompt you that the time has come to take your daily birth control. Very often you also have to confirm that you have taken it or they will notify you again. Here are two examples or easy to use apps on both Apple and Android devices.
MediSafe : Itunes, Google Play
MedCoach : Itunes, Google Play
If you do not have a smart phone, try using the MyMedSchedule instead. It can send you reminders by text message instead of by push notifications.

Remember that using birth control like birth control pills, IUD’s, birth control patches, vaginal rings and pessaries do not protect your from sexually transmitted diseases! The only way you can protect yourself from these is by using condoms or feminoms (female condoms) : Safe sex is not just about birth control planning and birth control compliance, it’s also about STD prevention planning.

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