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Worried about buying birth control online?


buy birth control onlineWould you buy birth control online?

Like with most things there are pros and cons, the same goes for buying birth control online.

Personally we think the pros far outweigh the cons. We might be a little bit biased as we are a birth control site sells birth control online but take a few minutes and hear us out. We have lots to say and we think you might find it interesting.

Here are some of the main concerns raised by women considering buying birth control online.


“How do you know if the products are genuine – what if they don’t work?”

“I have read lots of negative feedback from people buying birth control and other meds online; you’re never sure about who you’re dealing with and the customer service. You can also get a faulty product or not what you ordered and then it’s money down the drain.”

“I’d be worried it was fake counterfeited products and even fake pharmacies, the products might not be safe.”

“I’d be worried it was fake counterfeited products and even fake pharmacies, the products might not be safe.”

Our response:
All these quotes are legitimate responses to people who have not ordered medications online before. There is definitely a cause for concern with regards to counterfeited and sub-standard products being sold on fake pharmacy sites. You should always be concerned about buying from an online pharmacy site that you do not know!

Before you order do some research, look at the site and find out about them. Look at the product reviews and site reviews, word of mouth recommendations are always good. If you know someone who has had a positive experience then it’s likely that you will have one too.

Contacting the site directly by email or phone is also a good way to judge if the site is a good match for you. Ask some relevant questions about your illness or medications to gauge their knowledge and customer service. is an online birth control site that is linked to a physical pharmacy. The managing pharmacist is always available to answer questions about birth control and other medications. We also have a logistics department that will confirm your order (often by email and phone) and even help you track it until it arrives to your door.

Our prices are cheaper but you still get legitimate products from a real pharmacy. All the products we sell on our site are approved by various ministry of health organizations. also requires prescriptions so our pharmacists can dispense the birth control like the pharmacist would do in your local pharmacy.


“Isn’t it just easier to go to the local pharmacy? Just walk in and buy”

Our response:
For some people it is easier just to go to the local pharmacy as and when needed but it depends on the type of person you are and how convenient it is to get the pharmacy. If you have a local pharmacy right near your work or home then fair enough. For the people who live far away, are a bit house bound, don’t have a car or have heavy family commitments that keep them away from the shops then buying birth control online can be valuable and convenient. You also might be embarrassed about going into your local pharmacy and handing over your prescription, especially if you are religious and birth control is frowned upon or you are young and don’t want your parents finding out. Buying birth control online can help you avoid these awkward situations.

If you’re budget savvy and are a big fan of internet shopping then buying birth control online is simply just another way to save money (and you can save lots of money on birth control when you buy at!), you could walk into your local pharmacy and hand over a small fortune of money, or you can wait a week and receive your birth control to your door for cheaper. is simply here for you if you need us.


“What if it comes late or the parcel gets lost : it’s taking a bit of a risk!”

Our response:
Again this comes down to knowing and trusting the buy birth control online site that you are ordering from. Once in a while a parcel will get lost, it even happens to Amazon and Walmart but it’s rare. The same goes for us. All our parcels are sent registered and tracked so you can follow the parcel from the minute it leaves our office to the minute it arrives to your door. When you order at we guarantee your order will be delivered within 10 days of prescription receipt.

Regardless of whether you are ordering online or buying from your local pharmacy you should always have a back-up of birth control to make sure that you do not miss the start of the next month. It’s also advised to have this packet in cases of spoilage, missed doses or theft. For example, if you miss too many birth control pill doses then it’s normally advised to start a new strip of pills to start the cycle again. offers all our customers a free reminder service to make sure that you are never stuck without your next month’s pack. Just another little thing to help you out and make sure your birth control goes to plan.


“Hormonal birth control can have a negative effect on the body : shouldn’t you be under doctor supervision when taking it and buy from a local pharmacy that they recommend?”

“Don’t you need to go for regular checkups with the gynecologist when taking birth control?”

“I’d buy condoms, spermicides, and diaphragms (basically anything apart from hormonal birth control) etc online but I would by anything hormonal : hormones are not to be messed with!”

Our response:
The pharmacists at recommend that you visit your doctor and gynecologist every 6 months for vaginal and breast checks, especially when taking hormonal birth control. Hormonal birth control includes rings, IUD’s pills and patches. This recommendation follows the practice of many pharmacists and doctors worldwide. If you are familiar with the birth control you are taking and your doctor has signed off on it then there is no reason not to order your birth control online and take advantage of the cheaper price and convenience of home delivery. As long as you go for bi-yearly check-ups then there is no reason not to order 6 months’ worth of birth control at a time, especially if you know in advance that within those few months you will not be trying for a baby.

Quite often you will find a better selection of products at better prices when you go online. That combined with the personal help of a pharmacist, great customer service and home delivery makes buying birth control online worth a try.

When you buy birth control online, it’s all about trust, affordability and comfort. We’ve been in pharmaceuticals for 20 years and we understand that.

You can trust us to:

  • Only sell you products that are genuine and dispensed from a genuine pharmacy
  • Be there for any advice you might need
  • Provide excellent customer service throughout the entire ordering process
  • Deliver your meds on time
  • Send you reminders about when you are due for a refill so you can order early and make sure it arrives on time.
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