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Manufacturer: Bayer
Country: Germany
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Manufacturer: Bayer
Country: Germany
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Manufacturer: Bayer
Country: Germany
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A few reminders about safe sex and using birth control safely!

Always consult with your doctor about birth control before starting anything new.

Always make sure you have a ready supply for the following month.

Always keep the instructions leaflet handy. It gives specific instructions on what to do if you miss a dose or have adverse side effects.

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What's the catch?

There is none.

The birth control products we sell online are the real thing, dispensed from a real pharmacy by a qualified managing pharmacist. The prices are real; there are no hidden or added costs.

The products are the same brands of birth control that you already know from your local pharmacy.

If you are having casual sex, always use a condom as well as your hormonal birth control. It is the only form of birth control that protects you from sexually transmitted diseases. Hormonal birth control does NOT protect you from disease, it only prevents pregnancy.

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Why we do what we do?

Birth Control is on a mission to make birth control more affordable, so you don’t have to think twice about filling your script.

A woman's right to take birth control and protect herself from getting pregnant should not have anything to do with money – it's a woman's natural right and those taking birth control pills or using any birth control methods are acting responsibly. Starting a family or adding to your family is a wonderful thing, as long as you are ready for it. Let's be smart about planning pregnancies, and not gamble on the risks of unprotected sex.

We sell birth control online in the form of birth control pills, birth control patches, IUD's, vaginal rings and the morning after pill... for the times that accidents do happen. Buying birth control online is one way to get hold of your birth control. All these methods of birth control are available to buy online from at very low prices. The free shipping makes it a "no brainer". You don’t need to remember to go to the pharmacy, when you buy birth control online it gets delivered straight to your door. When you buy birth control online you pay less money. What's more, once you're registered with us we'll send you a refill reminder so you never run out unknowingly. Don't laugh, this happens more than you know. Many birth control pills and patches come in 3 month supplies. It's easy to lose track of a month and suddenly realize that you're at the end of your last strip with no back up.

How does birth control work?

Birth control pills, patches, rings and IUD’s use synthetic forms of the hormones Estrogen and progesterone to help prevent pregnancy. Natural forms of these sex hormones are normally produced by the ovaries anyway. Their function is to manage and maintain the menstrual and reproductive systems. Synthetic forms of these hormones in birth control act in the same way and help to influence the body's menstrual flow as well as preventing pregnancy. sells many brands of hormonal birth control that you can buy online with the click of a button. This is our favorite kind of birth control as it protects your body from within, along with helping other hormonal issues like weight control, acne and mood swings. Hormonal birth control also helps to regulate your periods so you're never stuck not knowing when your menstruation is going to arrive. You know exactly when it will be and it’s normally lighter and less painful than a regular period. Bonus!

Hormone based birth control helps to prevent pregnancies in the following ways:

Birth control prevents ovulation by making sure that the ovaries do not release the egg.
Birth control prevents the sperm and egg meeting by thickening the mucus in the neck of the servix so the sperm cannot get through easily.
Birth control prevents implantation by making sure that a fertilized egg does not attach itself to the uterus. Many birth controls thin the lining of the uterus; implantation requires strong and thick uterine lining otherwise the implantation process will fail.
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At you can buy birth control online at better prices. Our mission is to give you affordable birth control and menopause meds so you can take care of your menstrual health and know that you're getting the best deal. Our online birth control and menopause medications are dispensed by reputable pharmacists and shipped all over the world.
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Receive personal and immediate responses to your questions from our resident pharmacist.
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