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What birth control methods are right for you?

There are many methods of birth control and hormonal birth control out there; the question is which one is right for you.

This really is a question only you can answer with the help of your doctor. It depends on your hormone levels, family history of hormone disease, existing medical conditions and prescription medication that you are taking for other illnesses. It also depends on how reliable and responsible you are when it comes to compliance. This means how closely you follow dosage instructions.

Price is also something to consider, birth control prices vary drastically between birth control methods and where you buy them from. For an easy comparison check out our Compare birth control prices with our birth control price comparison chart.

The one thing they all have in common is that they prevent pregnancy by keeping the sperm from meeting with the egg and fertilizing it. Birth control methods like pills are great for using short term but if you know that you will not be trying for a baby for a few years using a different kind of birth control like an IUD might be a better birth control option.

Condoms are the best form of birth control as they stop the sperm from even entering the body. If the sperm does not enter the body then it cannot reach the egg and fertilize it. They also protect from STD's (sexually transmitted diseases). This is something that no other form of birth control does. Condoms are used as and when you need, they are not used daily or monthly like other forms of birth control so in some respects they are ideal as they do not mess with your natural hormone production. However, if you are an impulsive person then this may not be sufficient enough protection for you. You need to be prepared to step back from the intimate situation and put the condom on. Some people say that using condoms make sex that little bit less sensual. For many men and women, it adds a barrier to enjoying "the moment".
Birth control pills work hormonally and are very effective at preventing pregnancy. Pills are one of the most used types of birth control worldwide because they are so easy to use and are 99% effective when taken correctly. You take birth control pills daily, preferably at the same time every day. You then have a few days break, which is when you get your period. Some birth control pills can be used during menopause and they can also be used to help other menstrual issues and endocrine disorders, not to mention acne in teenagers. If you have no routine and feel like you are an eternally forgetful person then this method of birth control might not be right for you. If you are late taking a pill or miss a dose entirely then it can leave you unprotected. We advise taking the birth control first thing in the morning as part of your morning routine as it's easier to remember.
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Birth control patches also work hormonally and they are a good option for forgetful people as they only need to be applied once a week. You have 3 weeks with a patch and 1 week off, during which time you get your period. Birth control patches work in the same way as birth control pills and contain the same hormones so the side effects are the same. The big difference is that instead of taking the birth control pill daily, you only replace the patch at the end of each week. It's much less hassle for a forgetful person. When used correctly birth control patches are just as effective. They do need to say flat and sealed against the skin though so if you do a lot of swimming or sweaty sports it might not be the right choice for you, even though the manufacturers say that the patches should be fine when worn during swimming, showering and heavy sports.
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Birth control rings work hormonally in the same way as birth control pills and patches. Unlike the birth control pill that needs to be taken daily and the birth control patch that needs to be applied weekly, birth control rings are inserted into the vagina and they stay there for a full 3 weeks. There's nothing else to think about. At the end of 3 weeks you take the ring out, have a week's break and then insert a new one. During this week break you will menstruate, just like if you were taking a different method of birth control. Rings are 98% effective as long as they are fitted correctly. It might not sound very attractive but fitting the rings is very easy. Many women think of the ring in the same way as they think of an IUD but it's not the same thing. Rings are fitted easily by yourself, at home. It's no more painful or traumatic than inserting a tampax.
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Birth control IUD's are inserted directly into the vagina by your doctor and can last for up to 5 years. They are the most effective form of birth control and you do not need to do anything at all once they are inserted. There's no pill, patches, counting days, remembering weeks.... nothing. If you are not planning on getting pregnant soon then this is an ideal option for cost and levels of protection. IUD's are definitely the cheapest way to get long term birth control. If you add up the price of your pills against the cost of an IUD for 5 years you'll see how much you can save! The only down side for using IUD's as birth control is that the IUD needs to be inserted professionally by a doctor. It's not something that you can do at home by yourself. For the sake of one doctor's appointment though you get years of protection and nothing to worry about monthly.
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Before going on any birth control it's advised to get a full body and vaginal checkup.

So, which method of birth control do you think fits you best?

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