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U.S. Name: Angelique
Active Ingredients: Estradiol Hemihydrate and Drospirenone
Brand Manufacturer: Bayer
Manufacturer Location: Germany
A combination pill containing Estradiol Hemihydrate and Drospirenone
Local NameStrengthManufacturerSizePriceQtyTotal Price
Angelique1mg / 2mgBayerBrand1x28$50.00$0.00
The FDA allows the importation of up to three months supply for personal use.
A valid prescription is required to buy Angelique online.
Angeliq tablets are taken orally. The tablets contain a combination of Estradiol and Drospirenone, a type of Progestin. The Estradiol in Angeliq is known as Estradiol Hemihydrate, it’s a synthetic type of Estradiol.

Angeliq is also spelled as Angelique, depending on what country you are in. It is made by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals.
Angelique is sold under various brand names like Angeliq.
Conditions treated by Angeliq
Angeliq is part of a group of medicines called HRT. This means hormone replacement therapy. It’s particularly popular for use in women during and after menopause and it helps to balance hormones and control the side effects of menopause created by low Estrogen levels. This is the primary function of Angeliq.

Angeliq helps control side effects of menopause including hot flashes, virginal dryness and irritation. The Estradiol Hemihydrate in Angeliq calms these symptoms while the Progestin Drospirenone works alongside the Estradiol to reduce the chances of developing complications due to using Estrogen based hormone replacement therapy. Examples include the development of uterine cancer and overgrown uterine lining.
Angeliq Dosage Instructions
Angeliq should be taken daily, at the same time of day so it minimizes the risk of forgetting to take a dose.

If you miss a dose take it as soon as possible and then continue taking Angeliq according to the normal schedule. Try not to take two tablets at the same time as it can cause an overdose. Follow the instructions on the package insert or contact your pharmacist for advice if you miss a dose.
Angeliq Side Effects
Common side effects of Anqeliq include dizziness and lightheadedness, headaches and nausea, stomach upset and bloating bloating, irritability, breast tenderness, decreased or increased sex drive, changes to vaginal discharge and sleep disturbances. You may also experience unexplained weight gain or weight loss. You should inform your doctor but rarely do these side effects mean that you should stop taking Angeliq.

More serious side effects include depression, memory loss, changes to the breasts including breast lumps and nipple discharge, swelling of the hands/feet, yellowing skin, severe stomach aches and muscle weakness. Sometimes Angeliq can interfere with other treatments or diseases. If you have Diabetes or seizures and you find your condition worsening, talk to your doctor. When taking Angeliq you may experience some unexplained vaginal bleeding. This can include spotting, breakthrough bleeding or prolonged bleeding. Your doctor may advise you to change medication if you experience any of the above but not in all cases.

The following conditions are considered serious side effects of Angeliq. You should stop taking Angeliq right away and head to the doctor.

Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack.

Pain or swelling of the groin or calf.

Tingling, weakness or numbness of the arms or legs.

Sudden shortness of breath or pains in the chest, jaw of left arm.

Severe sweating, dizziness, fainting, confusion, slurred speech, weakness on one side of the body, vision changes, headaches or migraines of unknown cause.
Angeliq Warnings
Only women with a uterus should take Angeliq. If you have been through a hysterectomy then use another brand of hormone replacement therapy, not Angeliq.

Angeliq should not be used if you are only treating the symptoms of vaginal dryness and irritation. In this case it’s better to use a topical hormone therapy that is administered intra-vaginally.

Do not take Angeliq together with another based Estrogen products unless your doctor has specifically advised you to. It can cause an overdose of Estrogen and give you unwanted side effects. If you are taking another Estrogen based product then stop taking it before you start taking Angeliq.

Angeliq should not be used if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or are breast feeding.
Schedule regular appointments with your doctor to monitor progress. You should have blood work and full body check-ups every 3-6 months to make sure you are receiving the correct dose of Estradiol and Progestin. When using hormone replacement therapy like Angeliq it’s best to use the lowest effective strength possible and only use it for a limited period of time until the symptoms have cleared up and are under control.

Angeliq might not be suitable for use in women who have suffered or are currently suffering from the following medical conditions: irregular vaginal bleeding, breast/uterine/ovarian cancer, blood clotting problems, stroke, heart attack, liver disease, kidney disease, adrenal gland problems. Tell your doctor if you have any history of these illnesses before you start taking Angeliq.

If you use Angeliq and experience difficulty breathing, rashes, hives or swelling of the face/lips/tongue then you could be having an allergic reaction. Seek urgent medical attention.
Angeliq Drug Interactions
Drug interactions can occur with aromatase inhibitors (e.g., anastrozole, exemestane) and tranexamic acid, corticosteroids, ospemifene, raloxifene, tamoxifen, tizanidine, warfarin, antifungals, antibiotics, St. John's Wort and anti-seizure medications including carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin. If you are taking any aliskiren, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptors, heparin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, naproxen), certain "water pills" (potassium-sparing diuretics such as amiloride, eplerenone, spironolactone, triamterene) then tell your doctor, There are possible drug interaction indications.

Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what medications you should specifically look out for. Never start taking any new supplements, vitamins or over the counter medications when taking Angeliq without consulting your doctor first.

The information about Angeliq® on this site is purely educational; it does not replace a doctor’s consultation.
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